1st Gear/DCP 60-1223 C. R. England Kenworth Cabover w/2 – Wabash Pup Trailers and Dolly


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1st Gear/DCP 1/64th scale Kenworth K-100 Cabover pulling (2) Wabash Pup Trailers, dolly included.  Chester R. (C. R.) England started his company in 1920 with the purchase of his first Model T Truck.  Surviving The Great Depression in the 30s and World War II of the 40s through hard work and
determination, the business grew. C.R. England was transformed in the 60s after filing applications to haul freight other than potatoes and fresh fruit and vegetables, adding a new array of products and opening geographical lanes. By the 80s, C.R. England was on the map with about 180 trucks in their fleet.
The 90s saw huge growth with the adoption of mobile communications and the opening of their own driving school. Now C.R. England welcomes its 4th generation of management and has celebrated its 100-year anniversary.  Features as shown. Outstanding detail and very authentic.  Click on the magnifying glass in the picture for a larger view.  The reefer fuel tank on the belly of the second trailer is an error in the picture provided by 1st Gear as they say both trailers are drygoods trailers in the release.